Academic Work

Talks and conferences:

  • 2022: Partition of Identity: Exploring contemporary citizenship challenges faced by Pakistani Bengalis, part of an organised panel titled ‘Claim Making, Citizenship and Statelessness’. Annual Conference on South Asia, Maddison University, United States
  • 2022: Partition of Identity: An interdisciplinary exploration of Statelessness and Belonging in Pakistani Bengalis. Invited talk at Lund University, SASNET event – ‘A nation and it’s fault lines’, Sweden
  • 2022: Partition of Identity – Exploring how social and historical representations impact on contemporary citizenship challenges faced by Pakistani. International Society of Political Psychology, Annual conference. Athens
  • 2022: Exploring space and belonging in Machar Colony “In nature you have no limits": intersections of arts, nature and wellbeing .UCL Knowledge Exchange Event on Eco capabilities, led by Professor Nicola Walshe
  • 2021 Partition of Identity: An Exploration of Statelessness and Belonging in Pakistan. Invited talk at Open University School of Psychology Research Day, UK (online)
  • 2021 Partition of Identity: An exploration of Belonging in Bengalis in Pakistan, 1971- Present. PRAXIS Nexus ‘Transforming Conflict and Displacement through Arts and Humanities’, University of Leeds, (online)

The POI Study

The Partition of Identity (POI) project examines the Bengali community in Pakistan. Estimates suggest that there are between 2.8 – 3 million members of this group living in Pakistan, but in reality, the numbers are likely to be much higher.

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