Humera Iqbal

14 Jan

Dr. Humera Iqbal is Principal Investigator of the Project and an Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Psychology at the Social Research Institute, University College London. She studies families and young people and has conducted studies on migrant, refugee, and minority family life, friendship, and parenting across generations. She is interested in citizenship rights and activism in minority groups, particularly, in how these groups forge a sense of community under adverse circumstances (including political instability and climate change).   Humera also works on the role of cultural heritage in improving the wellbeing of individuals. This includes teenagers and children with mental health difficulties, individuals living with trauma but also people experiencing loneliness. Humera uses mixed methods, arts, and film-based methods in her research.

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The POI Study

The Partition of Identity (POI) project examines the Bengali community in Pakistan. Estimates suggest that there are between 2.8 – 3 million members of this group living in Pakistan, but in reality, the numbers are likely to be much higher.

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