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08 Dec

Hajira Maryam joins us as a part-time Research Assistant on the project. Alongside this, Hajira is a successful journalist focusing on Pakistan and Turkey with bylines in Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, DAWN, TRT World among others. Her reporting so far has spanned topics including the refugee crisis, human rights, health, religion, women, sports, and tech. She holds a master’s degree in Modern South Asian Studies from Oxford University, where her dissertation focused on political Islam and Sufistic imagination of Imran Khan’s political discourse for the Pakistani state. Hajira has previously written news articles on the Pakistani Bengali community.

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The POI Study

The Partition of Identity (POI) project examines the Bengali community in Pakistan. Estimates suggest that there are between 2.8 – 3 million members of this group living in Pakistan, but in reality, the numbers are likely to be much higher.

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